Thermography Screening

Thermography Screening
Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota

If you want private, pain-free, radiation-free screening, the latest advancement in camera technology and highest resolution, state-of-the-art computer software and qualified healthcare professional to guide you through the process, the Reveal & Reclaim Wellness is the place for you!
Which would you prefer, discomfort and radiation (which causes cancer) or a less invasive type of screening?
For Dr. Michele Louiselle, offering thermography breast screening to women in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida as an alternative method for screening breast tissue is a must-do for evaluating breast health and monitoring the potential development of inflammation and abnormality in the body.

Thermography, a pain-free, radiation-free screening procedure uses thermal images to track heat in different parts of the body. When comparing specific spots on opposite sides of the body, differences of two to three degrees can indicate that something may be wrong.

Dr. Michele is the Thermographer for you because she offers an experience you wont’ find anywhere else…

  • She is Nationally Board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Healthcare Professional Specializing in Women’s Health
  • She is a Board Certified Thermographer and educated in interpretation
  • She uses the Newest Technology & Highest Definition Cameras on the market, the FLIR Max 307 (640 x 480 resolution)
  • She Offers Fully Automated and Completely Private Screening, you won’t be standing in front of a technician operating the camera on a tripod
  • You will receive a report from a Board Certified Medical Doctor specifically trained in Thermography, you won’t be given a copy of your scans and left to fend for yourself.
  • Your initial follow-up Office Consult is included in scan fee.  Dr. Louiselle is available to provide recommendations and support as needed by patients on an ongoing basis to ensure better health


Here are a couple of interviews by women who know first hand the deficits of Mammography and why Thermography should be your choice

With all of today’s worries about radiation and over-diagnosis and the resulting over-treatment surrounding other forms of screening, why not try something progressive, painless and risk-free? Call Reveal & Reclaim Wellness for more information TODAY at 941.752.4838

Having the newest thermal imaging camera combined with a state-of-the-art specialized software program, allows Dr. Louiselle to image the breast and other parts of the body and the Board Certified Medical Doctors to interpret and report on her patients scans. If inflammation or abnormality is developing in a certain area, there will be increased blood flow to that area which will show up in the images. Benign, harmless tumors will not have increased blood flow, growing tumors will. The images can show inflammation of joints and blood vessels, as well as an unhealthy lack of blood flow.

What is “State-of-the-Art” Thermography?

Important questions to ask when seeking thermography are not only “Are your scans interpreted by Board Certified Medical Doctors?”, “How old is your camera and software?“, “What kind of camera is used and what is the resolution?”, and “Do you provide any follow-up support?” The reasons these are important questions is that you want your scans read by competently trained medical professionals and the older the camera, the less detail in the images. The less detail, the less accuracy. With less accuracy and not having the scans read by specifically trained Medical Doctors, the more likely something important will be missed.

The scans below demonstrate the differences in image quality and resolution of scans taken with our “State-of-the-Art” equipment and those of “the competition”. The scan on the left is the typical low-resolution scan provided by many local thermographers. The scan on the right is the high-resolution scan provided by our new camera. Note the lack of detail in the breast scan on the left.

Thermography Screening

Another example in the superior amount of detail seen in our equipment are these comparison scans of a patient’s face in “gray-scale”. It is easy to see the increased detail in our scan on the right when compared to the lack of detail in the scan on the left. Note the increased detail of the hair, eye-lashes, and even the presence of eyebrows in our scan on the right.

Thermography Screening

These images demonstrate the superior quality of the digital infrared camera and computer software used by Dr. Michele Louiselle at Reveal & Reclaim Wellness, quality themography that you deserve!

The images below demonstrate an abnormal thermal heat pattern on the left breast of this patient and a healthy thermal pattern of her right breast. This indicates that an abnormal amount of blood is flowing to those yellow and red areas within the circle on the left breast and a normal blood flow pattern in the same area of the right breast.

Thermography Screening

And, because thermography looks for “hot spots” in the body, it can reveal indicators for abnormality earlier when only a few hundred cells have developed abnormally compared to the millions needed for detection with a mammogram.

The images below demonstrate the thermal pattern of one of our patients with potential inflammation of the digestive tract that may be due to food sensitivities or an inflammatory bowel condition. Notice the numerous circular red spotted pattern demonstrating abnormal amounts of heat surrounding the navel in the “Before” image. The “After” image demonstrates the substantial decrease in the thermal pattern following 45 days of care at Reveal & Reclaim Wellness. Notice the clearing of much of the red circular spotted pattern and it being replaced by the increased green area demonstrating a return to a healthier, cooler thermal pattern.

Thermography Screening

“There’s a huge difference in the opportunity for early detection,” Dr. Louiselle says. “Mammograms look for structural types of change when millions of abnormal cells are present, that means the disease gets a six to eight year head-start on the patient. That’s why we’re promoting thermography. Thermography gives the patient the head-start on the disease. We’re not anti-mammogram, but we are anti-radiation, we are anti-pain” Dr. Louiselle says.

Dr. Louiselle, founder ofReveal & Reclaim Wellness and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician and Certified Thermographer says that the early detection that thermographic technology allows giving the patient the head-start on the disease, allows them to make lifestyle and dietary changes that can affect the growth of abnormal cells. “It’s about giving patients the information that will allow them to make intelligent decisions about their healthcare and the opportunity for safer, pain-free, and earlier detection.”

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