Personal Care, Purely Natural

When you meet Dr. Michele Louiselle at The Center of Integrated Medicine you will learn that she challenges the healthcare status quo of today that a patient’s only options are drugs and surgery. Because she believes and knows through experience and knowledge that there is a better way. Dr. Michele welcomes the unimaginable and excels at the impossible, call us when you want a better way. We are here for you.

At The Center of Integrated Medicine, our purpose is to help each person achieve their optimum health by providing the highest quality therapy at an affordable price. The Doctors at the Center of Integrated Medicine are dedicated to listening to your concerns, educating you about your outcomes and never rushing through your consultation or treatment. That commitment is why patients choose the Center of Integrated Medicine, and have made it Manatee and Sarasota’s premiere health and wellness center.

Your care is always provided in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Each treatment room has been carefully designed for your comfort and healing. Our nutritional supplements are of the highest quality available, and made from organic non-GMO foods.  All of our equipment is state-of-the-art.


At The Center of Integrated Medicine you get two of the safest, most affordable and successful philosophies of healthcare the world has known- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and “Old-School” Functional Western Medicine.