Thermography Instead of Mammography – 8 Reasons Why

Have You Heard About Thermography instead of Mammography?

You should have heard it by now.  Thermography instead of mammography is a screening tool that uses infared cameras for imaging of the body and in doing so can detect patterns of inflammation.  Most people I speak with seem to think this is new but the reality is it is very old and was once the standard for breast imaging before the mammography machines took over.   Unfortunately, the fans of the mammography machines had more clout, money and lobbyists, that won out over those that supported thermography back in the 70’s.

New Technology Doesn’t Always Equal Better Technology

Mammography was suppose to be the screening tool that squashed (literally) breasMammogram1t
cancer, but that didn’t happen.  Since mammograms have been used for screening breast tissue there has been no reduction in breast cancer rates. In fact, the instances of breast cancer have steadily risen…..ooops!  How can this be?

8 Reasons Why Thermography Is A Better And Wiser Choice Than Mammography

  1. No Pain
  2. Nothing touches the body
  3. Higher Sensitivity Rating at 97% versus a Mammogram is only 83%
  4. No Radiation  – Did you know that every time you get compressed you receive raditation to the tune of 35 chest xrays all at once.
  5. No false positives – Ever been called in for a biopsy only to find out it was a benign cyst?
  6. No false negatives – Do you know of someone that had a mammogram and was told everything was fine only to find out they had breast cancer that wasn’t caught?  It happens to a minimum of 15% of the scans that are done.  Do you want to be in that 15%?
  7. Changes in tissue detectable 8-10 years before a mammogram can see anything.
  8. Affordable, safe and effective

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