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At The Center of Integrated Medicine we challenge the healthcare status quo of today with a functional medicine approach to your health. If you listen to the western medicine as it is practiced today, you will be told that your only options are drugs and surgery. We believe and know through experience and knowledge that there is a better way, and we have it for you.  We welcome what you may have been told is unimaginable and succeed at the impossible. The truth of the matter is, you can heal and symptoms and diseases can be reversed.

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Dr. Michele’s Article on Alternatives for Better Breast Health is published in Regenerate Magazine, October 3, 2016


By Dr. Michele Louiselle

Breast cancer is on the rise. But why? Weren’t we told that early detection with mammography would lead to reduction in breast cancer and a better chance of survival? Is it a coincidence that with the onset
of mammography, breast cancer incidences have risen?

As a practitioner, I’ve done my homework, and if there is only one take away from this article, it would be that I encourage all women to do the same. After all, it is your body — do your homework and make the informed decision that works for you. In the article below, I present my view of mammograms and thermograms so that you can have this information at your disposal. … Read the Article  by clicking on URL provided.  Also, for more information on Dr. Michele’s expertise on Breast Health listen to the Interview below.

Dr. Michele on VoiceAmerica, April 26, 2016, Generation Regeneration

Listen to Interview by Clicking HERE !

Straight Talk about Mammograms and Thermograms featured Dr. Michele Louiselle, Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Thermographer, and owner of The Center of Integrated Medicine located in the Lakewood Ranch, FL. Dr. Michele explained the differences between mammograms and thermograms and provided insights as to why she believes that thermograms are the better technique for pre-cancer screening. Dr. Michele also pointed out the very real problems with mammograms that are not typically covered in the mainstream press. Lifestyle choices were also discussed because they provide the best chance of avoiding breast cancer. To hear the interview be sure to click HERE above.


Our Commitment to the Highest Quality of Health Care

Another area that sets us apart from any other clinic is our commitment to use only high quality products in our patient’s care.

We strive to use products that are all natural, made from whole foods and glandular components as well as herbs. When it comes to injection therapy we use the highest quality homeopathic substances as well as bio available and activated nutrients making it easier for your body to assimilate. We don’t believe in throwing a bag of supplements at our patients. We find out what you are deficient in and then work to restore those nutrients eventually eliminating the need to supplement. We know it is working through comprehensive lab work that identifies areas that need support.

If you want to heal, you can. All you have to do is make a choice. Choose The Center of Integrated Medicine and break the cycle of suffering.

The Center of Integrated Medicine also brings these innovative services to Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Fort Myers and St. Petersburg:
    • Thermography for early detection of potential health concerns
    • Natural Allergy Elimination (NAET)
    • Medi-Cupping for stubborn chronic pain syndroms
    • Homeopathic Injection Therapy
    • Nutritional consulting
    • Acupuncture for acute or chronic pain
    • Acupuncture for enhanced health
    • Nutritional Response Testing
    • Kinesiology
    • Micro-current 
    • BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy


What is “Integrated Medicine”?

Integrated Medicine should truly be an “integration” of the “best of Eastern Medicine with the best of Western Medicine”. The best of Eastern Medicine is Acupuncture & Chinese herbs, the best of Western Medicine is “Old-School Functional” Western Organ and Glandular Nutritional Therapy.

integrated medicine

Asking the right questions

For example, the physical examination that was taught in American medical schools before the mid-1950′s centered around assessing functional and physiological imbalances and would quickly and accurately help to diagnose organ and glandular dysfunction and vitamin, mineral and other nutrient imbalances during a single office visit. Students were taught to evaluate patients from a “functional” vs. pharmaceutical perspective, they were taught to ask the question “Why does this patient have these symptoms,” “Why isn’t this patient healing?” Today the question asked is not “Why?” but “Which?”… “which drug do I recommend?”, and when that doesn’t work “which drug do I switch to or add?” and when that doesn’t work “which surgery do I recommend?” or “which specialist do I refer to?”

At The Center of Integrated Medicine our doctors use Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, integrated with an “Old-School” Functional Western Medical examination and a Whole-Food nutritional philosophy to give our patients “the Best of the East and the Best of the West“ and help our patients recover from illness or injury and then maintain their improved health.

“Our true purpose is to help each person achieve their optimum health by providing the highest quality Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and truly integrative healthcare at an affordable price. The Center of Integrative Medicine is the healthcare center of the future, who’s roots have an ancestry that can be traced back to thousands of years of safe, effective and drug-free care.”

-Michele Louiselle, AP, DOM, CTT
The Center of Integrated Medicine

We Have an “Old-School” Approach to Your Care

The Center of Integrated Medicine is the ONLY clinic in Florida that truly lives up to the name “Integrated”. We are the only clinic that combines the best of Eastern Medicine using Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, with the best of Western Medicine, also known as Functional Medicine.

We ask the question, why is there a symptom or disease, instead of which pill to prescribe to cover it up. We act as medical detectives in getting to the root causes of why you are suffering and then partner with you to formulate a program for your body to heal.

At The Center of Integrated Medicine we are always striving for the betterment of our patient’s health and wellbeing. We seek out new information regarding medicine through continuing education and strive to offer the best services available. An example of this is thermography.

Thermography has proven to be an excellent tool for providing valuable information about one’s health. This technology allows the patient to see inflammation that they may not be able to feel or associate a symptom with. This gives the patient a huge head start on regaining their health. With this information, patients can begin to implement changes in their life that will have dramatic positive effects on their health.

Thermography gives the patient the opportunity to actually see their results as these “before and after” thermograms demonstrate.

These images demonstrate the thermal patterns of two of our patients, the first with potential inflammation of the digestive tract that may be due to food sensitivities or an inflammatory bowel condition and the second with a systemic infection that was unresponsive to multiple rounds of antibiotics over the course of more than a year.

Notice the numerous circular red spotted patterns demonstrating abnormal amounts of heat and inflammation surrounding the navel and the red and “white-hot” spotted patterns on the face in the “Before” images. The “After” images demonstrates the substantial decrease in the inflammation following 45 and 90 days of care. Notice the clearing of much of the red and white-hot circular and spotted patterns, being replaced by the increased green areas demonstrating a return to a healthier, cooler thermal pattern.

Before & After 45 Days Of Treatment
integrated medicine
Before & After 90 Days Of Treatmentintegrated medicine

We have only one financial policy at The Center of Integrated Medicine and that is to never allow finances to get in the way of you getting the care you deserve.

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